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Transform surface metrology with 3D tactile sensing

GelSight Mobile™ puts high-resolution, non-destructive surface analysis and imaging in the palm of your hand. It offers unique advantages for a wide range of metrology and surface inspection applications.

Versatile Precision

GelSight Mobile™ is a handheld instrument that precisely visualizes and measures the 3D topography of any surface, revealing microscopic structures that are difficult to detect using traditional inspection techniques. Our proprietary elastomeric tactile sensor technology enables GelSight Mobile™ to be used on any surface—including metal, glass, carbon fiber, or textiles.

Unmatched Advantages

GelSight Mobile™ provides advantages no other tactile sensing technology can match.


Delivers repeatable, micron level 3D data for surface features more accurate than depth gauge or 2D profilometer


Provides results in seconds for fast decision making. No time consuming processes or disassembly of parts required.


Ergonomic, easy to use, handheld device can be used anywhere on the factory floor or out in the field.


Ease of use

Intuitive touchscreen interface and automatic generation of reports

Measures any material be it metal, glass, carbon fiber, textiles, skin including reflective, transparent and translucent surfaces.

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