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Lincode’s proprietary NO-CODE deep tech platform can be utilized to solve the complex visual inspection problems with a simple user interface.

What is LIVIS?

The Lincode proprietary visual inspection system (LIVIS) enables customers to capture, train and deploy their own visual inspection systems at scale with simple user interface. The users can configure the systems themselves and is suited for the QA team across various manufacturing sectors.

The entire process follows 3 simple steps:


The system provides easy interface to capture images of samples


The captured images can be annotated for defects or features to create the visual inspection system.


Once the visual inspection system is created, it can be deployed over multiple workstations easily across the globe.

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Bearing Assembly

Lincode’s technology carries out an automated visual inspection on the bearings at multiple stages of production preventing a damaged bearing from reaching the end of the line.

  • Presence/Absence of pins

  • Surface defects

  • Excess seal pressing

  • OCR

  • Classification of the bearings for segregation

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